About Us

Fruit Heroes is the number one lunchbox snack in its native Denmark and one of the country’s biggest-selling and best-loved home-grown brands, with more than 30 million Fruit Heroes fruit bars consumed per year.

Fruit Heroes is owned and produced by Castus A/S. In fact, Castus is the Latin word for “pure” and you can be assured that Fruit Heroes have a continuing commitment to using the very best pure and natural ingredients to produce top-quality healthy snacks. We certainly live up to our name!

The philosophy of Castus is simple: Castus is a Danish quality product and the natural choice for a healthy “on-the-go” snack. All Castus products are rich in natural energy, fibre and fruit, so the same naturally goes for Fruit Heroes.

Fruit Heroes contain no added preservatives, no added sugar and are high in fibre. The delicious taste and sweetness of Fruit Heroes comes from the natural content of fruit sugar (fructose) in the fruits.

Every year, Castus produces millions of fruit bars. Our success is built on quality, delicious taste and high nutritional value – Fruit Heroes make it easy for everyone to enjoy healthy snacks. Fruit Heroes 20g fruit bars are also the perfect, convenient size for a tasty, nutritious snack anytime, anywhere.

Despite the fact that Fruit Heroes fruit bars contain no preservatives, the products have, on average, a 16 months shelf life and no special storage is required.