Why do you add sunflower oil to the products?
We add sunflower oil to the bars, approximately 2-3 %, as this is required for the manufacturing process. Without it, the paste would be sticky.

The ingredients list includes strawberry puree and dried strawberry. What does this mean?
Our fruit bars with strawberry contain natural strawberry only.
Dried strawberry: the fresh strawberry has been frozen from granulated. 1% dried strawberry equals 9 grams of fresh.
Strawberry puree: Puree from strawberry instead of concentrate, this means more of the delicious fruitiness remains.

Why is a fruit bar made of dried dates?
The bars are all based on dates, as it is a neutral fruit which adds fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Why are some bars softer than others?
Actually, colour, taste and consistency may vary. This is simply due to the fact that dried fruit is a natural product.

If each bar is at least 93% fruit why does Fruit Heroes have such a long life?
The fruit is dried which means most of the water is gone – this increases shelf life.

Are Fruit Heroes really healthy?
Fruit Heroes fruit bars should be seen as a healthier alternative to the in-between meals and snacks. Each bar is made from natural ingredients, without preservatives or colourings and can be one of your five a day.

Are Fruit Heroes okay for really young children?
Fruit heroes are suitable for young children, however we recommend you to start with half a bar.

Can Fruit Heroes be eaten by anyone?
Yes, Fruit Heroes can be eaten by vegans, vegetarians, coeliacs and diebetics.

Why don’t you cook or bake each bar?
Seeing as you do not cook normal fruit, we see no reason to cook Fruit Heroes. Cooking or baking means losing vitamins and minerals.

Is it really one of my 5 a day when it only weighs 20g?
All of our fruit is dried which reduces the weight but it not does affect the amount of vitamins and minerals in each bar.

What do you mean by the natural flavourings added in each variety?
We use natural flavours in our Fruit Heroes fruit bars.  Natural flavours are derived from nature itself and enhances the lovely taste of fruit in the Fruit Heroes fruit bars.

Is it not better to eat normal fruit?
A Fruit Heroes fruit bar contains the same amount of calories as a piece of fruit. Kids need variation so both fresh fruit and Fruit Heroes are a part of a healthier diet.