Fruit Heroes place great importance on product safety, product quality and product health throughout the entire production process. We are environmentally conscious and focused on creating a pleasant working environment at the same time.

As producer and supplier of fruit bars to UK consumers, Fruit Heroes are fully committed to the highest standards of quality control and to delivering products of exceptional quality. Fruit Heroes is ISO 22000 and BRC certified .

ISO 22000 is a food specific standard that focuses on food safety, while BRC is a British standard.

Best choice

Our experienced purchasing team is dedicated to sourcing ingredients that live up to the highest standards defined by our quality control department, and also works closely with our product development and production specialists. Our buyers travel the world to locate the best ingredients and all of our suppliers are subject to a regular control programme to ensure they meet our demanding quality standards.

Good ingredients, great-tasting products.

Simplicity is at the heart of the Fruit Heroes production process with the use of pure and natural ingredients and no cooking or baking. Therefore the quality of our ingredients has a direct impact on the quality of the finished products. This is why our quality management team insists on sourcing  raw ingredients of the highest quality.