Nutritional information

Natural and sweet

Several dietary studies show that children receive some of their daily energy from eating in-between  meals – which makes good sense. Your child needs several smaller meals during the day, to make sure the energy level, mood, concentration and learning ability is at its best.

Fruit Heroes fruit bars demonstrate how snacks and treats can be sweet and satisfying but also natural and full of nutrition.

It is sensible to have a regular food intake during the day – three main meals and perhaps two or three nutritious “in-between” snacks. Healthy snacks ensure a good and regular energy input and reduce the child’s desire for food that contains a lot of fat and added sugar. A healthy diet can help avoid childhood obesity whilst providing the energy your children need for fun and games, sporting activities and homework.

The small “in-between ” meals are also beneficial for active children and those with a poor appetite. Our delicious fruit bars provide energy that is complimentary to main meals.

Your child’s natural energy demand 

Obviously it is important to remember not to take in too many calories. This is why you as a parent must make sure that the in-between meals do not add excessively to the normal diet but instead replace part of the main meal and some of the more unhealthy snacks.

But how much energy does your child need? It actually depends of the sex, age and physical activity of your child. A small and good in-between meal contains 100-120 calories and a large one approximately 250-350 calories.

The good in-between meal

Fruit, vegetables and wholemeal are all naturally good choices for a nutritious in-between meal. Ideally, children below the age of 10 should be snacking on 100-200 gram of fruit and vegetables a day. All fruit and vegetables count, but half of the amount should consist of coarse vegetables like carrots and cauliflower, seeing as how fruit contains more natural sugar.

A good in-between meal is only good if it gets eaten. That is why it is all about finding a balance between the good and the green, the healthy and the sweet.