Fruit pop cakes

What you need

Makes around 25 pop cakes

300 g (15 pieces) Fruit Heroes fruit bars with blackcurrant
240 g (12 pieces) Fruit Heroes fruit bar with banana
2 bananas
1 lemon
2 tablespoons dried cranberry
¼ lb. grated coconut (+ ⅓ lb. to roll in)
A little water


Cut the fruit bar into small pieces.
Roughly chop the bananas.
Finely grate the lemon zest and squeeze the juice from half a lemon.
Blend the fruit bars and the bananas with the lemon zest and juice, dried cranberry, grated coco and a bit of water.
Shape the fruit mass into round balls, roll them in grated coconut, and put them on a skewer.

Store the pop cakes in a glass or wrapped in cling film. Can be refrigerated for up to one week.