The Simple Facts

Made from only natural ingredients
Fruit Heroes consist of natural ingredients that have been grown naturally. Futhermore, all Fruit Heroes fruit bars are GMO-free.

One of your “5 a day”
A Fruit Heroes fruit bar can count as one of your “five a day”. Kids eat and enjoy them whilst benefitting from the goodness of real fruit. Our handy and convenient bars mean that Fruit Heroes are the natural choice for a healthy “on the go” snack.

No preservatives

No colourings
Fruit Heroes bars are, quite simply, as natural as it’s possible to be – so no colourings are used in the production process, not even natural colourings.

No added sugar
Fruit Heroes have no added sugar, only fructose, a naturally-occurring fruit sugar resulting from the pure fruit we use in the bars.

No sulphur dioxide
Sulphur dioxide is a preservative, but one many manufacturers avoid nowadays. It is harmless to most healthy people, but may cause allergic reactions including respiratory reactions in asthmatics, anaphylaxis and other allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Not cooked or baked
All Fruit Heroes fruit bars are carefully created and none of the ingredients are cooked or even baked.

High in fibre
With the bar being almost entirely fruit, it naturally contains a high level of fibre. In a 20 g bar there is 2 g of fibre.

Gluten & dairy free

Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs