The Sugar Debate – Interview with Dr Sarah Schenker


At Fruit Heroes, we agree with a lot of what Action on Sugar is saying – we are also against added sugar, over processing and covering fruit in sugar and yoghurt to create confectionery. We know some fruit bars are made in this way. Fruit Heroes bars are not. Some of the reporting today is misleading and stories like this have led to much confusion amongst British parents. Our recent study showed that guidelines and reports have been so confusing to parents that 1 in 10 think fruit is unhealthy.

As our nutritionist. Dr Sarah Schenker says, some children can be fussy when it comes to fresh fruit, so providing an alternative way of eating fruit, such as in a bar, can be a helpful solution and stop parents from giving their children other snacks, such as crisps etc. But you have to choose the fruit bar carefully.
Listen to this interview with nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker to hear her thoughts on fruit, snacking and the different sugars.