The Sugar Debate

Action on Sugar has raised a very important issue in their analysis of the Fruit-snack category. However it is still important to distinguish between refined sugar and fructose, the natural occuring sugar in fruits.  

Action on Sugar is right to highlight the sugar levels in some processed fruit snacks and bars. Some companies do add sugar. We do not. The only sugar found in Fruit Heroes bars is the fructose natural occurring in fruit. What the reports have failed to do today is clearly distinguish between refined sugar, also known as ‘added sugar’, and fructose, the sugar found naturally in fruit.

The sugar found in fruit is not the same as the sugar found in sweets such as the Haribo Starmix mentioned in many articles. It is misleading reports of this nature that have led to so much confusion amongst British parents. Our recent study showed that guidelines and reports have been so confusing to parents that 1 in 10 think fruit is unhealthy. This is not the case nor should it be suggested by misleading reports about sugar.


Fruit Heroes bars feature only natural sugars found in the dried fruit used to make each bar. No refined or added sugars are used, the bars are not processed or baked so many of the natural minerals, fibres and vitamins of the fruit are preserved. Children can be fussy when it comes to fresh fruit, so providing an alternative way of eating fruit, such as in a bar, can be a helpful solution and stop parents from giving their children other snacks, such as crisps etc.

A complete interview, concerning this exact issue has been conducted with Dr. Sarah Schenker – You can listen to it here.


The facts about Fruit Heroes: 

  1. The only sugar in a Fruit Heroes bar is fructose, a naturally-occurring fruit sugar from the fruit used in the bars. No refined sugar is used and no sugar is added to the bars.
  2. Fruit Heroes use the dried fruit as it is and make bars without any kind of heating or cooking processes to prevent vitamins and minerals being lost during production. This keeps the bars high in fibre and keeps the fructose featuring the natural vitamins and minerals needed to break down and harness the energy in the natural sugar
  3. Fibre is an essential and important part of a healthy and nutritious diet. Fruit Heroes bars are date based and naturally contain a high amount of fibre. In a 20g bar there is 2g of fibre.